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Elle’s magazine’s February cover is star studded with 5 celebrities. The new issue features women in TV spotlighting Quantico actress and year 2000 winner of the Miss World Pageant Pryanka Chopra, Olivia Wilde, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Viola Davis and Empire’s Taraji P. Henson. Oh la, la! Fabulous.

‘Teen Vogue’ Shows Diversity for August 2015 issue

Covergirls Imaan Hammam, Aya Jones, and Lineisy Montero

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Imaan Hammam, Aya Jones, and Lineisy Montero graced the August issue of the Teen Vogue cover.

The three young stars have already been running things on fashion week runways, walking for grand designers like Givenchy and Prada. Now with a Teen Vogue feature, the three girls are a recognized symbol of beauty for black girls everywhere.

Imaan Hammam is of Egyptian-Morracan ethnicity and, according to Teen Vogue, has already landed a career-defining Givenchy campaign and her first Vogue cover.

“Sometimes people call me Middle Eastern and I’m like, ‘No, I’m black.’ I am proud of my culture, proud of who made me, proud to be here.”Hammam has said.

Aya Jones grew up in Paris and was discovered there. Before landing the cover of Teen Vogue, Prada previously booked Aya, exclusively, to walk in the 2015 show during Milan Fashion Week, according to Yahoo. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Jones has walked in a total of 47 runway shows, but she is far from your typical super model. She makes a point during her Teen Vogue interview to combat industry stereotypes.

“I don’t like when I see really arrogant or pretentious models. I’m friendly. I say hello to everybody,” she told the magazine. “You see fake relationships between girls, but I’ve found good friends. They trust me, and I trust them. I’m sure about who they are. It’s not superficial.”

Lineisy Montero Lineisy went from sitting with her close-knit family in Santa Domingo, to walking in a Prada runway show. Modestly, Montero recalls the moments after her big show to Teen Vogue.

“Immediately after the show, my agent showed me a picture that had gone viral. I was thinking, I guess if my photo is everywhere, I did something right.”

Despite the long hours and language barriers, the girls seemed to have no trouble getting along on set. Check out the video below where they offer a glimpse into their 15-year-old selves.

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