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Sophia Bush Stars in Season 2 Premiere of Comedy Series “Only in HelLA”

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After amassing over 2.5 million views, the hit web series from comedian Rory Uphold, “Only in HelLA” premieres its second season with Chicago PD actress, Sophia Bush! “HelLA” (pronounced: Hell-Lay) is a satirical look at Rory’s attempt to navigate the eccentricities of LA culture. Each episode is a snapshot of an embarrassing and awkward “only in LA” moment.  From legalized weed mishaps, to awkward celebrity run-ins and Botox peddling dermatologists, “HelLA” is an exploration of everything Los Angelenos despise about the city they love.

In the season two premiere episode, “Getting Ready For Award Shows”, Sophia comments on her role stating, “We wanted to poke some fun at the insane scrutiny that women go through on the red carpet – she’s too pale! The color of that dress is so last week! – but to do it in a way that was goofy and over the top.”

Rory further reveals, “I feel like every girl has had a self-tanning mishap in their life, just not everyone has it before they’re walking the red carpet. Sophia is one of the few people I know that would go this far, literally orange, for a joke. She is a kween!” 

Watch the season two premiere episode via: https://youtu.be/q2dEjEKtQpk

New episodes of “Only in HelLA” premiere every Tuesday at http://www.OnlyinHelLA.com and feature other Hollywood stars including Chris Lowell (Veronica Mars), Amanda Schull (Center Stage, Pretty Little Liars), Kevin McHale (Glee) and pop singer BettyWho.


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